The Purpose 

So what is the purpose of this dev blog?

Well to put it simply, the purpose of this dev blog is to force me to work on my game. By having to upload work every week it will cause me not really have a chance to procrastinate, which is something I really need. Also, the point of this isn’t to get heaps of people interested in the game. the point is more to help me work more.

What will this dev blog consist of?

This dev blog will consist of updates and things that I have worked on that week. May it be from new sprites that I created or new systems I came up for things.  When it comes to making games I am still learning and so most of the things I create will later be improved because I have learned something new.

I also plan on releasing demo versions every now and then to allow people to test (keep in mind that everything isn’t in its final product and will most likely change).

Also, I wanted it to be noted that I’m new to making a website and WordPress so a lot of things will get better on this blog as it goes.

So I hope you will be interested in this development process as I will be updating it every now and then while uploading a new dev blog every Sunday.


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