This is the first of many dev blogs. This one will consist of an overview of things previously done and things that were done this week so let’s get started.

List of all previous things done:
  • Rename all defence.
  • Fix animator when at a fountain.
  • Work on Wondering souls
  • Make it so can’t go to menu in battle
  • Add potions to battle
  • Put display inputs into gates
  • Make Dead
  • Make ladders
  • Lantern
  • Add light Effects
  • Update Slime sprite
  • Added light flicker
  • Floor 1 background
  • Finish visuals for the main menu
  • Add lantern to attacking player
  • Added normal goblins
  • Add elevator to left side of floor 1
  • Properly display enemy animations
  • Finish Slime Attack animation
  • Balance things #BALANCE 1 (Magic has been fixed a bit)
  • Think of new system for giving damage
  • When killed lose all light
  • Damage counter display longer
  • Smoothed the player animator a bit
  • If player goes to fountain respawn everything
  • Fix level up
  • Add big slimes area
  • Add lever to call elevators
  • Fix light took when leveling up
  • Move UI for stats to center of screen
  • Work on battle dying
  • Block view when respawning level at fountain
  • Work on wandering soul idle animation(cycle flames)
  • Make better ladder sprites
  • Update Lever animations
  • Update Gate animations
  • Updated light effects
  • Better Ladders
  • Make final door to first gatekeeper

Now for the real stuff that was done this week and I got some pretty good work in especially when it came to redoing some things.

This week:

System Updates:

Goals – Come up with better save system

Ever since I started creating this game I knew that I would have to redo the saving system. At the time all I really knew was player prefs and so that how I saved everything. But I realized later on that in the grand scheme of this game that this would not work out well. So after a bit of learning and self-research, I came up with a better system of saving through. Using Unitys systems you can create files and have them formatted into binary to lower the size and increase the speed at which it can be loaded. So now instead of saving all the player stats or savepoints to player prefs it’s all saved to one binary file. This speeds up loading time and saves some ram.

Battle Updates:

Goals – Display burn and para somehow / Change chances of effects and Make effects last longer

First I had already previously implemented status effect (only 2 right now burn, paralyze) however the status effects weren’t displayed so you couldn’t really even tell if an effect had happened.  So basically what I did was make it so that when a status happens it just simply displays it through GUI. This will also probably change later so that there is more visual to it.


With the status effects showing up to I had to make them stay longer because before hand it would appear for a second then disappear. I fixed this by changing the display to a timer to make it appear longer.

Environment Updates:

Goals – Fix background (make lighter)/ Add proper wall colliders / Finish floor one colliders / Fix death in pits

The background was a quick fix I mainly need to change it because it was darker than foreground which doesn’t give it any depth so by changing it to be lighter it gives the scene much more depth.

-Without and with light effects-

Currently with the game, if the character walks up to wall he can just continue to jump up them because of how the jumping works right now. Later this will be changed when I give it a better look but right now the only way is to create extra wall colliders that have different layers so that the player can’t just jump straight up walls. (The green boxes are the wall colliders)


After adding all the wall colliders I now finished off the main collider of the whole scene which was pretty simple.


Originally when a player died in a death pit or death zone he would fall and you would be able to see the bottom of the scene. Now instead of that, it displays the Dead text straight away while also changed it so the body won’t fall straight the world.


Character Updates:

Goals – Add hit indicator to player / Replace magic to mana where necessary

The hit indicator is simply a visual so that the play can know that they have been hurt. This was done with a sprite but I may change it later when I redo the Character sprites.


The mana thing was pretty simple I just wanted things to make more sense so I changed a lot of the things that said “magic” to “mana”.

Enemy Updates:

Goals – Add hit indicator to enemies / Update Goblin Sprite and update Goblin animations

For the hit indicator for enemies, I didn’t want to have to create hit sprites for all the enemies so instead through the script when every and enemy gets hurts it will have it color changed to have a red tint to display being damaged.


The previous goblins sprites I didn’t really like, I felt like they weren’t really goblins and more like orcs so I wanted to fix that.

Previous goblin sprite


So this time I wanted to make sure I got the feel of goblins with the new sprite, so I did more research to get references to what a goblin look like to make the sprites better.

New Goblin Sprite


The animations for this sprite is going to be changed later on to make it more fluid so for now, this is just a placeholder. But if you ask me this has a way more goblin feel to it than the previous sprite.

For the enemies, I also worked on a sperate enemy creating a new sprite and sprite animations however I don’t want to show it here because it would be a spoiler.

Next Week:

That’s it for this dev blog a lot was done this week. Next week hopefully floor 1 will be finished , particles will be added and a new mob will be added.  Also, if possible a new boss will also be created.


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