This week was mainly focused on visuals from new animations to making new particles to go into the game. Even though much wasn’t done this week it has allowed me to realize that a lot of things with the battle system needs to be changed.

This Week:

System Updates:

Goals – Add reset save function for testing

This was just a simple little thing that I needed to make for testing and for a further feature later on.



Visual Updates:

Goals – Create particles that fit the style of the game.

As the game currently was there were static lanterns that had no animations in them so the flame would just stand still. I didn’t like this because I want the game to feel alive in a sense. however, I didn’t want to do this with a sprite because then the flame would just constantly be doing the same thing there would be no randomness to it. That’s why I decide to go with a particle system so that I would get the randomness that I wanted.capture

The lantern particles look good. However, I have had a few issues with adding it to the player’s lantern but I plan on it also having a fire particle in it.


Battle Updates:

Goals – Add particles to battles/Change defense

Now that I had created particles systems I wanted to add them into the battle system. Because some enemies may use abilities from afar and it would be best to use a particle system to show the attack. For example, one enemy hurls slimes at the player.


Other attack particles still need to be made and added. Also, the system for the attack particles isn’t perfect and I will most likely update it in the future.

Defense currently worked like this. If you still had a defense then the damage would be halved and the attack would only affect your defense. I changed this so that the damage is flat to your defense(meaning no change in damage) and if there is no defense then the damage is double. However, even after doing all this and playing with it for awhile I still don’t really like it so I am planning on changing this drastically in the next week.


Environment Updates:

Goal – Boss

So, unfortunately, there will not be a boss for me to show off this week mainly because the boss I was planning on making “The Goblin King” will have to be moved to another area because he doesn’t fit in with this level and the story that surrounds the level. However, I can say that I have come up with another boss that fits much better in the environment and the story so look forward to seeing a bit about him.


Enemy Updates:

Goal – Create Beta Goblins (idle animation, attack animation, dead animation)/ Create stats for Beta Goblins/ Other stats changes.

Now onto the main focus of this week the Beta Goblins. In this week I spent a lot of time on trying to improve on my pixel art animation and I think I did a pretty good job with this animation. I looked at other games to learn from the pixel art animations (the main two games I looked at were Duelyst and Planet Centauri). By doing this I got a better understand of how pixel art works and used this to improve my own work.



The Beta goblin has evolved much more than the normal goblin thus the name “Beta”. The Beta Goblin stands at an equal level with the knight. It wields a giant machete and carries a large sack on it back. The Beta Goblin is much more aggressive and deals much more damage than a normal goblin would. The Beta Goblin is a lot more tough-skinned allowing it to take much more damage.


-Idle sprite(4 frames)-


-Idle animation-


-Attack sprite(14 frames)-


-Attack animation-


-Dead sprite-

After making these sprites and animations it has reviled to me that I will definitely have to go back and redo most of the other animations especially the players to improve them. I also plan on adding some effects to the beta goblins attack, mainly at the impact point of the machete.

Creating the stats for this guy wasn’t that hard basically just double what a normal goblin is with a bit of different changes here and there.

Later some of these stats including other stats of other mobs had to change because of the change with how defense works. And you can bet after I do the rework on the defense system then most likely all mob stats will have to change with that.

Next Week:

That’s it for dev blog 2. Next week is mainly gonna be focused on redo the defense system to something I like, I already have some ideas for it. Next week I will probably also begin working on the area for the boss and may even start working on the main sprite of the boss. Until next week.


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