Update #1 on Dev Blog 3

Time for a little update on what is happing with the 3rd dev blog and what will be happening for the next couple of weeks. First of what happened this week, well unfortunately due to a whole bunch of things happening, one being me graduating, I didn’t really have any time to work on the game this week. So most of the things I planned on doing didn’t happen, All I was really able to do was start implementing the new defense system which I can tell you it is already way better and makes the game feel much better. So yeah really nothing happened this week and because of that, I didn’t feel it was necessary to make a full dev blog with nothing really in it and so I was gonna make this week and next week into the 3rd dev blog but I had forgotten that my family is going away this week to be with relatives. So instead of that, this is the plan for what is going to be happening. The 3rd dev blog will consist of this week (18/12/16) next week (25/12/16) and possibly the week after that (1/1/17). During these next 2 weeks, I may not really get much time to work on the game but I will try(hopefully, it will rain a couple times, cause it always does).

These are the things I plan on trying to start and maybe even finish while I am away:

  • Finish defense system 2.0
  • Begin making boss area 1
  • Begin making boss 1
  • Start updating player sprites
  • Fight system 2.0
  • New controls
  • Add weakness and resistance in battles

These are all pretty big projects so I don’t expect to finish them but at least make an impact on them which will be good. Also, I know that some of the dot points are a bit vague and that’s mainly because I don’t even really know what I want to do with it exactly yet. But I can say that all of these don’t points are changes that need to happen to make this game even better especially for the system parts.

Hopefully, if there is internet while I’m away I will try to give another update sometime next week possibly the day before Christmas so look forward to that otherwise, you can follow me on My Twitter to see what’s going on there I may post little things up there every now and then. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to wait until the 1/1/17 to get dev blog 3 but I am gonna try and make it worth the wait. So until then have a merry Christmas! 🙂


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