The long awaited dev blog is here! Sorry, it took so long but you know Christmas, New year so I kinda had to take a break for the family. Now let’s get into what has happened in the past 3 weeks.

System Updates:

Goals – Cleanup scripts and do some renaming

This was just for me so that when looking for things would be much simpler and also help save a little ram when calling things.

Battle Updates:

Goals – Defense system 2.0 and redo some enemy stats

Redoing the defense system was huge and was needed without it the game felt off. Originally the defense system worked like this.

Old Defense System:

Whenever someone was attacked if the had defense the damage would all go to the defense acting like a shield.  But this made the game boring and not reward the player for using any of the defense moves.

New Defense System:

Now the Defense system 2.0 works by taking the amount of defense someone has and making a damage reduction off of that. So now when someone attacks they will always receive damage to their health but the damage will now be subtracted from the damage reduction, making the damage received less.

Not all the damage reduction numbers are final and will most likely change later after more testing and balancing. I will also most likely be changing some of the defense names to armor where appropriate.

Visual Updates:

Goal – Fix particle glitch

This was a little problem that I just wanted to get out of the way. Whenever the player encountered an enemy that used a particle system as an attack, as soon as the battle started the particle would play and then stop(of course this didn’t count as an attack so nothing happened it was just a visual bug). This was fixed by making the particle system to stop playing as soon as the battle had started which got rid of the visual problem.

Player Updates:

There wasn’t really any goals for the player to change however with the changes to the defense system there had to be changes to how the player leveled up, in this instance I have changed it so when the player levels up he no longer get +5 health but +9 health as you can no longer rely on the defense as a shield.

Enemy Updates:

Goal – Begin making Boss 1capture

Here is your sneak peek of what the first boss is going to look like. You probably won’t see any more than this of the boss mainly because I would like to keep it a surprise.(Not final!)

Environment Updates:

Goal – Begin making Boss area 1


Here is also a quick look at the area of where the epic battle between the player and the first boss will go down.(Not final!)

That’s it for this dev blog, next one will be on the 15th to give me a week to reset but I’m planning some big things.


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