Dev blog 4 is here and with it comes some much-needed updates and new system. So let’s get straight to it.

This Week:

System Updates:

Goal – NPC dialogue

Currently the NPC dialogue is not complete some visuals need to be changed but otherwise, most of the scripting has been completed. The system works by when the player is in the range of the NPC and presses a button it turns the dialogue box on and text will start to type out. I have already made it so that the next can go on to display more sentences that the character may say. I also included a way to speed up how fast the text is displayed.capture

As you can see the first line of text has been displayed. The green icon tells the player that there is another line of text that is going to be said. (White square is a placeholder for NPC and the green icon is a placeholder for next line)


In this picture, the third line of text has been displayed and the red icon indicates that this is the last line of text to be said.

Now the NPC dialogue isn’t finished it still has some bugs that need to be ironed out and the visuals need to bee completed but for now, it will pass.

Battle Updates:

Goal  – 1.5 Fight System

For the Fight System to go to 1.5 a couple of things needed to happen. first, redo most of the UI and make it all canvas based instead of GUI. second, add weaknesses and resistance to enemies.

Updating the UI meant that I would have better UI that could scale without me having to script it to do it and it also allowed me to clean up some parts of the script now that I wouldn’t need the GUI parts.

How it looks now:

capture capture2

Some of the scalings for the text still needs to be worked on but otherwise, the UI is pretty much the buttons are done.

For adding weakness and resistance that was fairly simple I just check when doing damage what the number is for the enemy if it’s 0 they resist, 1 does normal damage(not weak and no resist) and 2 is weak so does double damage. This may have a few balance changes down the line if it turns out to make magic op or not.



Environment Updates:

Goals – Work on gate to boss area / Put boss area into game / Create and add boss area background / Boss area colliders

The gate was fairly simple just made it so when the player is in range he can open it to access the boss area.

For the boss area itself, I created the background and then put it all in the visual are not done because I needed to do the shadowing which is that same as the whole first floor. so visuals not complete but will work as placeholders for now. Then I just went through and worked on the colliders making sure that the player would be able to work over it properly.

Boss area in game look:


Boss area colliders:


Next Week:

That’s it for this week’s dev blog a lot of environment and visual things happened which was good. Next week will mainly be focused on creating a new player animation system which I am planning on using something called Anima 2D, using it I think I can create something awesome and it will make the game way more depth, if you check out my twitter ( you may see some sneak peaks of it otherwise, see you next time on the (22/1/17).



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