Another Sunday another dev blog and with this one we have some reworks and some new visuals that have been added. This week was more of adding on a bunch of visuals and starting to prepare for reworks of other things later on.

This week:

Visual Updates:

Goals – Add environment details to the battlefield / Update light flicker / Redo menu

Adding in environment details to the battlefield was simple and I was only doing it so that the player wouldn’t feel a sort of disconnect when going from the normal environment when walking around to a gray tile, so that was the reason for doing this.



After (light effects off):


In the game (light effects on):



The reason for updating the light flicker was because I wanted to be able to change how strong a light would be on different things but by using the same script. This was fairly easy but made it so there was more variety between lights.


The light from the standing lanterns is much stronger than the light from the lantern the player carries.


After working on the light flicker I realized I had to go and update the menu light now otherwise it wouldn’t work. It had been awhile since I had looked at the menu and when I saw it again I felt that it was way outdated compared to the rest of the game so within a couple of minutes I redid the menu and now I really like the look of it.

Start screen:


Menu screen:



Player Updates:

Goal – Start new knight sprite

Last week I said I was gonna redo the player animations with something called Anima2D, however, as I started working with it and testing it I immediately noticed something. I no longer had the feeling of 2d pixel art. Things would move and look in a way that just did not fit the style of the game so I threw out that idea and decide that I would stick with good old sprite sheets :).

So I began to update the player sprite and got to a stage that I really like and will be sticking with. Also with this new style the player when walking around will not be holding their shield and sword in their hands, they will now be carried on the players back allowing for fewer sprites to be made.

I have not done the animations yet as I have decided to hold off on completely redoing the knight sprite as I am really trying to complete version 0.2.



Enemy Updates:

Goals – Finish boss 1 / Boss 1 idle animation

During this week I completed the boss 1 sprite and idle animation, however, I will not be showing them off here because I would like to keep them a surprise. Also, I have some crazy things planned for this boss fight that I think will make it sick.


Environment Updates:

Goal – Finish boss gate to close after entering

This was just a small little thing which was to make it after you enter the boss area you can’t leave kinda like dark souls.gateclosed

Next Week:

So that wraps up this week’s dev blog. So whats the plan for next week, what do I hope to do. My plan is to completely finish the boss encounter, which will mean that version 0.2 will be complete. After that, I be able to start adding some other stuff in the next version. So that nexts weeks plan lets hope it goes will. Until next time.



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