This week’s dev blog was solely focused on sound effects. After doing the sound effects I did a little bit of housekeeping and cleaned up a few things in the game. So below I will list all the sound effects I added to the game, for all the sound effects that I didn’t make and got for free I will attribute to them on my attribution page which will list all the sound effects I got, who made them and where you can find it.


Sounds Added:

UI sounds:

  • Button click sound
  • Menu open sound
  • Menu close sound
  • Level up sound

Environment sounds:

  • Lever sound
  • Slime walk sound
  • Lantern flame sound
  • Elevator sound
  • Ladder sound
  • Fall sound
  • Trap sounds
  • Gate sound
  • Fountain sound

Player sounds:

  • Walk sound
  • Idle sound
  • Jump sound
  • Normal attack sound
  • Heavy attack sound
  • Defense stance sound
  • Knight Stance sound
  • Fireball sound
  • Electric bolt sound
  • Hurt sound
  • Health potion sound

Enemy sounds:

  • Idle sound
  • Attack sound
  • Die sound

Battle sounds:

  • Lose sound
  • Win sound
  • Burn sound
  • Para sound

Extra sounds:

  • Eye sound
  • Flash sound
  • Click sound
  • Crush sound
  • Shake sound
  • Power up and change sound


All attribution can be found here

Housekeeping Stuff:

The housekeeping was simply cleaning some things up making it easier for me to work and know what’s going on.

Cleaning up scripts:

This was just going through some of the scripts and making the variables display in a better order so that I can look at it and know what’s going on.


Enemy UI display:

This was a simple little UI thing so I can see all the enemies is the scene easily.


Next floor:

This is just the end of a floor showing the steps down to the next one. This was done so that you wouldn’t see just black after beating the boss.



That’s all for this dev blog, there wasn’t really much that happened because the main focus was adding sound effects. But now that it’s done the game is almost at a point where I can release it and continue to work on it. I will also say that I am planning on releasing the game to android because I feel that’s the cheapest and easiest way to release this game. So this week’s focus will be to turn the game into something that works on android which shouldn’t be too hard.


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