Dev blog 7 is here and with it comes the first official release of the game to google play (get the game here). So in this dev blog, I will list the things I worked on and did to make the game ready for release to android. There isn’t very much and it will mostly be focused on UI stuff.


Changes to player movement:

Because the game is now going to be played on mobile devices, I can no longer keep all the inputs as keyboard inputs because that doesn’t work with a mobile device. So instead I changed it to make it that there are buttons on the screen and they do what the keyboard previously did.

For example:


The arrows to the left control the direction the player walks in. The button on the right makes the player jump.

Because of this, I had to change how the player climbs ladders. They way it works now is the player has to walk up to a ladder and just press the jump button once and it will send them to the top of the ladder.

Menu button:

The Menu is at the top middle screen and it will open the menu and close the menu if the menu is already open.


Interact button:

The interact button will appear whenever the is something near the player for them to interact with may it be a lever or a fountain where the player can get a checkpoint.


Health Potion button:

Health potion button is in the top right corner. If the player needs health, by pressing the button it will use oneĀ potion and restore some health. The number shows how many health potions the player has.


A current glitch that is being worked on:

So currently there is a glitch with the lighting. Sometimes it works and then sometimes it seems that there is no lighting what so ever. I have been working to fix it but nothing so far has worked. I still have some plans to try and fix it but you will have to wait until I am able to do those fixes and upload them.


That’s it for this dev blog, now with me back at school I have less time to work on the game which causes the dev blogs to be a bit smaller with content than usual. But even so, I will continue to work on the game and add stuff to it. For this week I’ll be trying to fix the lighting glitch and then I’ll go onto and add the new knight sprites.


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