This week mainly consisted of me going through and fixing glitches and bugs that one make the game hard to play and some that are just visual bugs. I also had time to revisit the NPC system I worked on before and actually complete it.

This week:

System Updates:

Goals(Finish NPC, Clean up NPC UI, Made NPC dialogue work on mobile device)

I wanted to go back and finish the NPC system so that I could start introducing characters into the game that would help the player in different ways. The system isn’t exactly complete but it’s at a point where it works for what I need and if I have to change it later it will because I need it to be able to give items or something like that. I also had to make it so that the NPC system would work on mobile as before it need keyboard inputs, but now everything can be done by touch the screen.

New character but who might it be?


Updated UI for NPC’s:


Battle Updates:

Goals(Fixed high defense gives 0 damage, Fix player damage taken shows 2 numbers)

These were little fixes just to make the game better. First was that if your defense was too high that the damage received would be 0 making you invincible. So now if your defense is too high you will receive just 1 damage causing you still to get hurt. Also, there was a visual bug going on with damage displayed for the player. whenever the player got hit it would show the first amount of damage before being calculated then show the damage after being calculated giving to hit indicators, this bug is now fixed.

Visual Updates:

Goals(Fix death bug, redo enemy light materials, update UI, Hopefully fixed lighting this time)

A couple of visual fixes that were needed, mainly the lighting which I’m hoping this time around I actually managed to fix it.

Lighting, basically for this best thing I could come up with was to get rid of the light flicker, which I really wanted to keep but ow well, and instead bake the whole lighting to hopefully fix it.

The death bug was when you died in battle it would play the death screen twice which wasn’t right, that no longer happens. Some of the enemies when I shipped the game didn’t have light materials on them, they now do making battles scenes not look as weird.

Updated UI:

For this was mainly completing the buttons and updating the colors used when highlighting or click on the buttons.


Player Updates:

Goals(Fix footsteps and jump, Changed jumping call, Changed player scales left and right)

Fixed footsteps so that it even plays because before it was bugged where it would be played so fast that you could not hear it. Also fixed jump sound so that it is now played now. Also, changed how the jump is called so now instead of having to press and release the button for it to jump now all you have to do is simply touch it and it will immediately call the jump. Changing the scale for the player was changing it from changing the transform scale it now flips the sprite renderer.

Environment Updates:

Goals(Fix elevator bug, remove wall colliders, fix ladders)

The elevator bug was a big one that had to be fixed because it essentially made the whole top section impossible to even get to, this is now fixed and won’t kill the player anymore. Now that I fixed the jumping a the colliders to do with that I could get rid of wall colliders and save some space. I also fixed the ladders because the caused a glitch where if you feel down from them you would clip into a collider and be stuck, that shouldn’t happen anymore.

Next Week:

So my plans for this upcoming week are to finish the new player sprites this time and do all the shadowing on the first floor. Until next week.


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