The focus for this week development was mostly a visual one with a few fixes here and there. So it is not as long as other dev blogs but either way, let’s get right into it.

This week:

System Updates:

Goal(Add new game feature)

The new game feature was made so that if you wanted, you could completely reset your save and start again. This will most likely have some changes to it later in case if it is accidently pressed that it doesn’t delete the save.


Player Updates:

Goal (Create new player sprites)

So the main focus for this week was to recreate all the player sprites and update them here and there. The knight has now grown stronger. Key new features: The feather is longer on the helmet. but more important is the knight’s new sword and shield that is now carried on the knights back. When in combat the knight will unsheathe their weapons and hold them in their hands. It should also be mentioned that the sword the knight now carries is a special one that will become stronger in the future.


Environment Updates:

Goal(Update traps a little, Complete shadowing on floor, Fix elevator layer issue)

Cleaned up the saw trap. First I redid its animation making it look smoother and less janky. I also updated how the player gets hurt by the trap. Now when the player is hit by the trap there will be an audio queue and the player sprite will flash red, indicating that the player has been hurt.


Visual update to the environment adding shadowing to make it look better. However, as I was doing this and the update to the trap I have decided that I will most likely be redoing the whole floor in a new design. The new design style that I am looking at is kinda like how shovel knight looks.


Simple little fix. The knight would appear in front of the elevator because of a sorting layer mistake on my behalf which is fixed now.



Plans for this week are as follows: New floor design, new UI for health and other things and possibly adding an inventory system to the game, maybe if I have enough time. Until next week.



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