To think we are already at dev blog 10. So last week I talked about how I was going to redo the floor design and possibly do an inventory. Well, I can say that I have completed the new floor design, however, the inventory will have to be done this upcoming week, mainly because the floor design took me to long. This dev blog is gonna be very small mainly because it was all design.

This week:

New Environment:


The new environment is a much simpler design and has the same feeling as all the other pixel design. Whereas before the design didn’t feel right. This new floor design using a tiling system that I came up with to use which has probably been used in other games. The system works like this, you have a 512 by 512-pixel sprite that fits into a grid of as many as you like. For example, the first floor uses a 10 by 3 grid and for each cell, there is a 512 by 512-pixel sprite that has been created by using tile sheets made up of 32 by 32-pixel blocks. Like so:

By using this grid cell system I can create floors much easier and I have much more freedom with the design.

This new floor design also helps with the game design of the game and how I lay things out. For example, I was now able to introduce traps to the player much better. Also, the games platform feel feels way better now as it fits with the new style of the floor. Also, it should be noted that the lighting for the first floor is not finished and will most likely change by next update.

More traps:

Now that the environment design has changed I can now introduce traps more and use them in a better game design sense. This has made the platform of the game much better.

Here a little example of how I can now use traps more. Before there were only 3 traps now there is a lot more as you can see below.


Bugs and small changes:

There was a few little changes and fixes that I did as well. The main fix was the boss, making it stop footsteps sounds and fixed an open glitch with the door.

The only small change was to the players jump. The jump now is higher so that it’s easier to jump to things.

Next week:

Next weeks plan is fairly simple I plan to do new UI for health and I will also mainly be focusing on inventory this week.


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